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      Gearbox casing and stainless steel mechanical shaft gear shaft manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic

      Mechanical shaft
      Gearbox with gear box
      Wuxi Yintong precision machinery Co.Ltd is located in Yangshan Industrial park just by 342 and G312. The traffic is very convenient.It’s mainly for precision parts processing involve aviation, construction machinery, automobile, mechanical fields and so on.


      Our company has a professional technical and management team. CAD and CAM are used to design, produce and analysis in every procedure during processing. Now we have imported lathe from Samsung (South Korea), VMC from Taiwan, gear shaper, gear hobber, gear grinding machine and several NC lathe.     

      Our company is adhering to the mission to make fine businesses and to meet users' needs, to make reliable products with the good quality and , to supply honest and good service. The requirements of customers is our work standards, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


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